2018 Volunteer Awards

One Heart to Another

At a time when the world appears to be losing its head over marriages of entitlement, over vacuous celebrity, and superficial style over substance, when it is contemplated, even, in certain circles that Donald Trump might be a worthy recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, when we see more school shootings, more acts of war and terror, and here at home, enormous need and disadvantage within our own communities, when we see a world struggling, morally, to find its way, organisations like ours, services like ours, people like you, are needed more than ever. Because the people we serve live – and die – in this world of struggle and strife, and they need our humanity, they need the hope that the deep, compassionate care we offer, represents. One person to another. One heart to another. One moment to another.

As the late great Dame Cicely Saunders said, “You matter because you are you … and we will do all we can, not only to help you die peacefully, but also to live until you die.” Simple words that continue to sit at the very heart of what we do. Whatever your walk through life has been, whatever indiscretions or wayward turns you may have made, you matter. And whichever part of your story you choose to share with us, it will be our deepest privilege to hear it. In a world that’s being encouraged to forget there is no ‘they’ – we are they – we are all in this together, thank goodness for the hospice volunteer.”

From CEO Anna Mackey’s opening address to the May 22 HVST Awards presentation at Rydges

Dear Volunteers What a wonderful night it was on Tuesday for our biennial Volunteer Recognition Event! We had a packed house at Rydges for what was a moving night of celebration and togetherness. There were many magical moments through the evening, and the event culminated in the announcement of our highest honour, The Award for Eldership for Outstanding Leadership, Contribution and Example, which this year went to Margarita White-McColl and Pat Harman.

Recipient of the Hospice Volunteers Award for Service was Paul Barrington, pictured here with his wife Carolynne, and former Hospice Vice-President Lucia Ikin

As this symbolic week of awareness and recognition draws to an end, we would like to again thank each and every one of you for your dedicated and compassionate service.

We would like to say a special thank you to those volunteers who supported the Whittle Open Day event this week.

The Board & Staff of Hospice Volunteers

Now that you have access to our new website you will be able to view photos from the night and read about the Eldership Awards. Please follow the links in the box: