About Us

Hospice Volunteers is based in Hobart, Southern Tasmania. Partner organisations operate in North and North-West Tasmania.

Our skilled volunteers provide both in-home and hospital-based support for families affected by life-limiting illness across the southern region of Tasmania. We also offer bereavement support through our Walking Through Grief program. Founded in 1984, Hospice Volunteers operates with a team of professional staff and is governed by a voluntary committee of management. Committee members are elected at our annual general meeting and come from a range of backgrounds, both volunteering and professional. We are funded by the Tasmanian Health Service and work closely with the Specialist Palliative Care Service and other health and community service providers.


Anna Murchison, Manager

Liz Witt, Office Manager

Sandy Muir, Development and Support Officer

Rosie Hutchins, Support Officer

Management Committee

Pat Flanagan, President

Christine Schokman, Vice President

Ann Woodhall, Secretary

Andrew Vanderschoor, Treasurer

Sandra Brown, Public Officer

Rob Hill

Kat Fraser

Partner organisations

Hospice Care Association of North West Tasmania Inc.

The Volunteer Support Service, Palliative Care Service.


The Department of Health is the primary funding body for the three regional palliative care volunteer services.

The Tasmanian Community Fund contributed towards the development of this website as a community resource.