Bereavement Support.

Support for the grieving

Everyone who has lost someone close to them will experience grief. However, no two people grieve in the same way. Grief means having to face the reality of loss, allowing for the pain of that loss, and finding new ways to live meaningfully without the person who has died.

Walking Through Grief

Walking Through Grief is a program offering support to adults who are bereaved as a result of terminal illness. It provides an opportunity for people to meet socially and enjoy some gentle exercise in a safe and supportive environment.

Walks are conducted in a variety of locations. Walks last about an hour and are followed by morning tea. A team of volunteers and a program coordinator support the walks.

Our services are free of charge

Any person who is bereaved as a result of terminal illness is eligible to be assessed for this service.

“I felt awkward at first but gradually realised how much good it was doing – the grief softened slowly as I shared my story with others in a similar situation.” 


To find out more about Walking Through Grief please open and print the Fact Sheet or contact us.