I’m a Carer.

Caring for the dying

Carers in our community do a big and important job that is not always recognised.

Caring for someone nearing end of life is a special and sometimes challenging role. The good news is you don’t have to do it alone. Our volunteers and staff are here to support you, and to understand your needs and concerns.

Becoming a carer

Carers may include family, friends, volunteers and a team of professional support-givers. If you have become a primary carer (the person doing most of the care-giving), you may notice how the role gradually takes up more and more of your time, effort and emotional reserves. We understand this and are here to help.

“Just knowing my volunteer understood the pressures of caring really helped me keep on keeping on.”


Our volunteers can help

Our volunteers understand the stresses that come with the caring role and are there to support you through. One of the main ways a volunteer can help is to stay with the person you are caring for while you take a break. Volunteers usually visit once a week at negotiated times. Your volunteer will always lend a ‘listening ear’ when you need one and will not advise or judge you in any way.

It is important to know that our volunteers are not nurses, and they do not perform household chores. Our support staff will explain the role of the volunteer when they meet with you.


Our services are free of charge

Any person caring for someone with a terminal illness is eligible to be assessed for volunteer support.