About Palliative Care

Help is available

There are a number of different terms for palliative care. For example, you may see or hear the terms ‘comfort care’ or ‘hospice care’.

One of the main aims of palliative care is to provide support and comfort rather than cure. This means that as well as attending to your medical needs, your care team will work to support your social, spiritual, emotional, and practical needs. For this reason, members of your care team, including your volunteer, may ask you about the people, activities, and cultural practices that are important to you.

Another important aim of palliative care is to support you and those close to you to manage feelings of grief and loss. No two people experience grief in the same way. Our volunteers are trained to support people with whatever they may be feeling or concerned about, in a caring and non-judgemental way.

Bereavement is the period of grieving that people experience after a person dies. You may like to look at the bereavement section of our website for information about a program we offer to support people in their bereavement.