We work from a position of empathy and humility. We care authentically for our clients and for each other.


We respect the autonomy of every person. We honour our clients and seek to support them meaningfully.


We work from a position of honesty and integrity. Our values inform our decision-making and our relationships.


We regard every person as of equal value. We find strength and wisdom in learning from each other. We seek to help build an inclusive and resilient community.


We work with a shared vision to do the very best we can. We are reliable, adaptable and self-aware. We regard professional development as integral to our practice.


We work as a team to achieve our goals. We help each other to learn and grow. We take time to self-nurture and to support each other’s needs.


We are open, transparent and accountable for our actions. We conduct ourselves ethically in all aspects of our practice. We take responsibility for our mistakes and learn from them.


In partnership with others we strive to offer the highest possible standard of compassionate care. We listen to our clients, to each other and to our community. We always seek to improve.