Our volunteer services are designed to support people of any age living with and affected by terminal illness. Trained volunteers provide free, non-religious, compassionate support in people’s homes and in hospitals and specialist facilities such as palliative care units.

How we can help

One of the main aims of palliative care is to support people to maximise their quality of life. Everyone’s end-of-life story is unique. We tailor our care around what each person tells us is important to them.

As a client of our service, you will be assigned a volunteer who will visit you regularly (usually once a week) at negotiated times. Your volunteer will be skilled at ‘tuning in’ and understanding that your needs may vary from visit to visit. For example, sometimes you may feel like talking while at other times you may want to rest.

Your volunteer can also help with shopping, getting to appointments, maintaining social activities and giving family members some time out or ‘respite’.

It is important to know that our volunteers are not nurses, and they do not perform household chores. Our support staff will explain the role of the volunteer when they meet with you.